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Sapori di Sicilia

The itinerary that follows will be a parade lap starts at the house of the Benedictine religious knowledge comes to modern symbol of the synthesis between art, culture, information represented by the Cultural Center "The Chimneys." The itinerary as a first step Museums of Botany University (1) in Via Antonino Longo. The Botanical Garden dates back to 1788 and covers an area of about 16,000 sqm. Hortus Generalis are interesting collections of exotic plants, while the Hortus Siculus are several wild species Sicily. The center of the Botanical Garden is located within a neoclassical building, the Herbarium, which houses important collections of dried plants.

Walk along Via Tomaselli until Largo Paisiello, where, turn right on the Via Entrance, we visit at number 81, the Museum of Zoology (2). Returning to the Largo Paisiello along the Via Santa Maddalena Via G. Clementi arrive in Piazza Dante, home of the Benedictine Monastery (3), inside which are housed Libraries Riunite Civica and Ursino Recupero, wealth of historical culture of Sicily. Alongside the Convent Church of San Nicolò l'Arena, now closed to the place of worship but cultural and artistic events. Dalla Via Vittorio Emanuele Piazza San Francesco d'Assisi, home of the Museo Civico Bellino (4), located inside the Palazzo Gravina-Cruyllas the birthplace of the composer Vincenzo Bellini. Inside you can see Autograph manuscripts and objects that belonged to the musician. Dedicated to him also remember the Villa Bellini, Teatro Massimo Bellini and the statue in Piazza Stesicoro. Inside the Palace Grave-Cruyllas is also the museum dedicated to Emilio Greek (5).

In Via Sant'Anna instead the Casa-Museo Giovanni Verga (6), inside the building where the writer lived for several years and died in 1922. From Via Castello Ursino you arrive in Piazza Federico di Swabia, home to the Museo Civico Ursino Castle (7), where the upper floors you can admire paintings by Michele Rapisardi, Christmas etc. Attanasio. Back along Via Castello Ursino you arrive in Piazza Duomo, following the way you arrive in Piazza Etnea University houses the Museum of the study (8). Still crossing the Via Etnea until Viale XX Settembre. Past Piazza Giovanni Verga in Italy Course at number 55, we find the Museum of Paleontology (9), that within Science Building houses collections of fossils Sicilians

From Italy we put on the course that ends in Piazza Ionian Viale Galatea from here until Viale Africa the establishment of the complex of the Cultural Center "The Chimneys" (10), the initial structure of the sulfur center of refineries today includes exhibition area, an amphitheater, a gallery of modern art, the Museum Historic Sicily Landing-1943 and the Museum of Cinema.